Vertical Balers

The revolutionary design of the VB Baler offers safety and simplicity like no other on the market. A gas spring loading gate solves the age-old chain, sprocket and pulley reliability problem.

J.V. Manufacturing, Inc. offers a complete line of CRAM-A-LOT® vertical balers to fit your recycling needs. Balers to recycle small volumes of aluminum or plastic on an ongoing basis or balers to recycle cardboard the size of refrigerator boxes. All designed to quietly, efficiently and safely compact your recyclable materials.

The CRAM-A-LOT® VB series baler was introduced in 2002 with the most sweeping changes in baler technology in decades. The VB Baler was designed for improved safety and ease of maintenance.

Specific features include:

  • Loading Door – Chain and sprocket problems have been replaced with a patent pending system that utilizes gas springs to smoothly open the loading door after each compaction stroke and significantly reduce the opportunity for hand injury.
  • Safety Interlock – The entire operational circuit of the baler is controlled by a patent pending design that utilizes an Electro-Magnet to hold the loading door securely in place until the baler has completed the compaction cycle and is in position to re-load.
  • Control Panel – Innovative design and layout of the control panel has allowed switches, operators and interlocks to be reduced by 50%, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Side Mounted Power Unit – The power unit has been redesigned for simplicity and reliability, and also relocated to the side of the baler chassis for safer and easier maintenance. Brand name components are used to ensure long term reliability. A direct drive vane pump is mounted directly to the motor flange, thereby eliminating the motor coupler and providing quieter and more reliable operation. The directional valve is mounted directly to the pump body, eliminating up to 50% of the hoses and potential leak points that exist on comparable models. All CRAM-A-LOT® power units are manufactured and assembled “in house” using brand name components.
  • Patented Bale Eject System – Unique design protects against bale eject system failure
  • ANSI Z245.5 Compliant
    Colors Available: J.V. Blue, Grey, Cato Green, Safety Red, Desert Sand, Maroon, Gloss White, J.V. Brown, Gloss Black

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TVB Balers

TVB Balers
Our TVB baler is a strong and proven design that provides an economical trouble-free solution for your baling needs. TVB balers are designed to handle a wide range of recyclable materials in either the 60″ or 72″ models.

Specific features include:

  • Side Mounted Power Unit – The power unit is mounted on the side to lower the center of gravity and make servicing safer and easier.
  • Easy Installation – Forklift pockets located at base of the baler allows quicker and easy installation. With the innovative 4-pocket design there is no need for redundant handling of baler on installation.
  • Feed Gate – Automatically opens on the up stroke of the platen and is equipped with a safety interlock switch
  • Eject System – Standard chain bale eject system with an optional hydraulic eject feature available
  • Close tolerance UHMW platen guide system on all corners of platen
  • Flooded suction hydraulic system
  • Recessed turnbuckle wheel for chamber door latch
    Colors Available: J.V. Blue, Grey, Cato Green, Safety Red, Desert Sand, Maroon, Gloss White, J.V. Brown, Gloss Black

 PET Baler

PET Baler
The CRAM-A-LOT® “PET” baler is designed for baling P.E.T. and H.D.P.E. containers, aluminum cans, and computer paper. Available in three model sizes, the baler produces a bale weight ranging from 50 – 180 lbs which provides easy handling for stacking on pallets.

  • UL/CUL listed control panel
  • ANSI Z245.5 Compliant
  • Fold out door for easy loading
  • Bales easy to handle and stack on pallets
  • Patented bale dump mechanism
  • Optional front feed wire guides
  • Exclusive tamper resistant safety switches for automatic shut down if the door is accidentally opened
  • Single phase availability

DP-18 Bale size 18” x 18” x 18”
DP-24 Bale size 20” x 20” x 18”
DP-30 Bale size 30” x 24” x 20”
Colors Available: J.V. Blue, Grey, Cato Green, Safety Red, Desert Sand, Maroon, Gloss White, J.V. Brown, Gloss Black

Drum Compactor Crusher

Drum Compactor Crusher
The CRAM-A-LOT® Drum Crusher is designed to eliminate the storage required for bulky drums saving on valuable storage space. The unit’s 39,000 lbs crushing force reduces bulky 55 gallon drums to 1/6th their original size producing an easier to handle disk. The unit also comes with an optional press head, which allows the end user to compact material inside the drum container helping reduce disposal cost.

Standard features include:

  • ANSI Z245.5 Compliant – All balers meet our exceed ANSI Z245.5 safety standards
  • UL/CUL Listed Control Panels
  • 4 Corner UHMW Guides – Prevent excessive wear from the press head
  • Oil Sight Gauge – Oil level at a glance
  • Heavy Duty Controls – NEMA 4 rated push-button controls with key-lockable start switch
    Colors Available: J.V. Blue, Grey, Cato Green, Safety Red, Desert Sand, Maroon, Gloss White, J.V. Brown, Gloss Black