Colored Safety Leader HoseColored Safety Leader Hose

Colored Safety Leader Hoses are 10′ lengths of high pressure jetting hose colored differently than the main high pressure jetting hose. Colored Safety Leader Hoses are connected to the end of the main high pressure jetting hose at one end and to the nozzles, skids or drain jet extensions at the other end. Colored Safety Leader Hoses are designed to have the same (or higher) high pressure working rating and minimum burst rating as the main high pressure jetting hose.

Colored Safety Leader Hoses serve two important functions in the sewer cleaning process:

First, when rewinding the high pressure jetting hose, the Safety Leader Hose color change will give the operator an idea of how far away the nozzle is within the pipe. This indication should alert operators to the proximity of the nozzle to the manhole to prepare them to shutoff the high pressure water flow.

Second, the Colored Safety Leader Hose is the closest hose to the rear abrasive discharge of the nozzle. Dirt and debris propelled by the rear jets in the nozzle can wear through the hose to cause a rupture. Safety Colored Leader Hoses act as a sacrificial hose section, preserving the integrity and length of the main high pressure jetting hose. Colored Safety Leader Hoses should always be replaced when worn out.



Drain Jet Extensions
Drain Jet Extensions

Drain Jet Extensions rigidly connect any drain jet to the high pressure jetting hose. Simple straight lengths of drain extensions remove flexibility from the end of the high pressure jetting hose and thus prevent the nozzle from turning within the pipe.

Drain Jet Extensions are fabricated from stainless steel pipes and have male NPT threads. In small diameter pipes, Drain Jet Extensions prevent the nozzle from turning or entering branch or lateral lines. In large diameter pipelines, Drain Jet Extensions prevent the high pressure hose from making a u-turn within a pipe.

Drain Jet Extensions also add weight to the nozzle end of the high pressure jetting hose. In certain applications, added weight is beneficial to keeping the nozzle on the bottom of the pipe for better clearing of heavy dirt and debris.

Drain Jet Extensions are needed when working with US Jetting Skids. The Drain Jet Extensions are inserted through the center of the Skid and connect the skid to the high pressure hose and nozzle.



Manhole Top Rollers
Manhole Top Rollers

The Manhole Top Roller is a great tool to use when high pressure jetting through a manhole that a jetting unit cannot get close to. The Manhole Top Roller is placed over the manhole and has a free spinning 3″ roller that allows the hose to easily maneuver over the edges of the manhole without abrasion. The Roller is designed to span the manhole ring with an angled tab to secure the roller unit into position. When correctly positioned, the Manhole Top Roller will allow the hydraulic powered hose reel to be utilized to rewind the high pressure jetting hose when in operation.

In most applications, an attendant is required to monitor the high pressure jetting hose at the bottom of the manhole and relay instructions to the operator of the high pressure jetting unit.



Mini Hose Kit
Mini Hose Kit

The Mini Hose Kit is one of the most versatile accessories for any high pressure jetting unit. The kit includes a 1/4″ hose (1/8″ ends), a 3 rear 1 forward ball jet nozzle, and 2 fittings. The upgrade to the Mini Hose Kit is the Ultimate Mini Hose Kit which includes three additional nozzles; a 6 rear ball jet nozzle, a 3 rear 4 forward chisel nozzle, and a 4 rear retro spinner nozzle. All of these nozzles are fitted to work with the 1/4″ Mini Hose.

The two fittings included in the kit are a Reducer Bushing and a Female Swivel Fitting. The Reducer Bushing and the Female Swivel Fitting allow the 1/8″ end of the Mini Hose to attach to a 1/2″ hose by fitting between the two different sizes.

Mini Hose Kits are designed to be used in 3 to 6 inch pipes and are easily able to negotiate bends. They can also be used when cleaning straight lengths of pipes with diameters of 1 1/2 inches.

The Mini Hose Kits are available in 100′, 150′, 200′, 250′, and 300′ lengths. They can be also used with an array of spinning nozzles or chain flails for more aggressive small diameter pipe cleaning applications.




Skids play a critical role in maintaining nozzle position within a pipe. In larger pipe diameters skids help to elevate and position nozzle closer to the center of the pipe for more even pipe wall cleaning.

Skids are most often used with Rotary Nozzles to ensure that the spinning nozzle spray reaches 360 degrees of the pipe. Skids are also often used with Chain Flail nozzles as the skid maintains the position in the pipe while the chains evenly scrape the pipe walls and debris. Skids help to reduce the wobbling effects created when debris becomes entangled within the chain causing an unbalanced (wobbling) spinning effect on the nozzle.

Skids are also useful to determine pipe malfunctions. If a skid is unable to pass through a line, that is generally a good indicator that there is a collapse or issue within the pipe.

Skids are available in 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ diameters.



Tiger Tail Hose Guide

Tiger Tail Hose Guide

Tiger Tail Hose Protectors are simple devices that provide maximum abrasion protection for high pressure jetting hoses. The Tiger Tails are designed to reduce or eliminate friction wear as the high pressure hose enters a pipe or drain. They are excellent to use when working in any areas where there is a friction point, such as inside of buildings, on roof edges, or in manholes.

Tiger Tail Hose Protectors should be used with all high pressure jetting hoses and in any applications to prevent friction wear damage. Failure to use a Tiger Tail Hose Protector may result in unnecessary high pressure jetting hose damage, premature hose failure, expensive replacement hose costs, and loss of working time.

Tiger Tail Hose Protectors are available in three sizes: 3″, 2″ and 1 1/2″. All Tiger Tail Hose Protectors are 36″ long & have 20′ of polyethylene tie-off rope.



Vac Pumps
Vac Pump

Vac Pumps are designed to use high pressure water to pump liquid, slurry or debris. Vac Pumps have a 2 inch diameter intake and contain 20 feet of discharge hose.

When connected to a high pressure jetting hose, four streams of pressurized water shoot in a combined stream away from the pump intake. The high velocity of the water streams creates a venturi vacuum, drawing liquids and debris into the pump. Debris that passes through the streams of water typically disintegrates or reduces in size. Thick slurry or sludge thins or liquefies from the addition of water from the jet streams.

Vac Pumps do not require priming to operate, vacuum begins when the high pressure water is fed to the vac pump.

Vac Pumps are lightweight and portable units. Typical applications are for pumping pits, basins, culverts or manholes to gain access to pipes that contain blockages. Vac Pumps are very useful for cleaning after a pipeline blockage has been removed. Waste sludge material can be cleaned up with the vacuum with the liquefied sludge flushed down an open drain for disposal.



Micro Hose Kit
Micro Mini Hose Kit

Micro Hose Kit is the smallest diameter high pressure hose kit available for sewer & drain cleaning applications. It is a great kit to use in residential areas and restaurants where they have smaller pipes with bends and elbows that the Micro Hose can easily maneuver around. The flexible 3/16″ hose with 1/8″ ends is used to clean pipes with diameters ranging from 3/4″ to 2″.

Included in the Micro Hose Kit are a Mini Button Nozzle and two fittings. The Mini Button Nozzle is a great general cleaning nozzle that has 6 rear jets to flush back debris. The two fittings included in the kit are a Reducer Bushing and a Female Swivel Fitting. These two fittings allow the 1/8″ end of the Micro Hose to attach to a 1/2″ hose by fitting between the two different sizes.

The upgrade to the Micro Hose Kit is the Ultimate Micro Hose Kit, which includes a Drop Head Nozzle and a Micro Mini Spinner Nozzle. The Drop Head Nozzle is great to use in small pipes with turns, as the nozzle guides the hose around tight bends and corners. The Micro Mini Spinner Nozzle is a nozzle that spins while cleaning which provides a more even spray coverage of the pipe walls.

The Micro Hose Kit is available in hose sizes of 75ft, 100ft and 150ft. The Micro Hose works best at 4000PSI and under.



Heavy Duty Safety Dump GunsHeavy Duty Dump Gun

We are offering two different styles of heavy duty high pressure safety dump guns for use with most brands of high pressure jetting units.

The Safety Dump Gun has a 30″ long single barrel. The US Jetting Safety Dump Gun has an over / under barrel configuration, with a 40″ long pressure discharge barrel and a 22″ long dump barrel.

The addition of a Safety Dump Gun to a high pressure sewer jetting unit allows for more diverse applications from a single unit. High pressure cleaning or washing is one of many additional job and revenue opportunities that can be performed with a Jetting unit. Clean-up and wash down at work sites can easily be performed with a Safety Dump Gun. Lift stations, slurry pits, manholes and culverts can be washed of debris buildup. Using water at 4,000 PSI and flows up to 25 GPM becomes a high production pressure washer. Construction and mining equipment with heavy dirt buildup can be quickly and thoroughly cleaned.

Safety Dump Guns differ from shut-off type high pressure guns in that water continuously flows through the gun at all times either at high pressure or at a safe very low discharge pressure.

Both Safety Dump Guns have adjustable forearm grips that are adjustable to suit the operator, either left or right hand users.



Jet-Cam footage cleans dirt fro a 6″ PVC pipe. Operators can see inside of a pipe while cleaning for best results.