Offering a huge array of Nozzles
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RPD Jetter Nozzles

nozzle-rpd-01The US Jetting RPD series of nozzles provide optimum drain cleaning ability in pipe diameters from 4 inch upwards. The all-purpose nozzle is great for everyday usage to open up pipes and clear blockages. It is specifically designed for use with 1/2″ high pressure jetting hose and pressures up to 6,000 PSI.

Machined from high quality stainless steel, RPD nozzles have a unique two component design. The two piece design allows for precise machining of internal water passages to reduce water turbulence and improve fluid hydrodynamics. The two pieces are easily separated for effortless cleaning of blocked orifices. A re-usable high pressure Dowty seal maintains pressure integrity between components.

The rounded RPD nozzle easily negotiates pipe bends and elbows. Corrosion free stainless steel prevents thread deterioration for longer nozzle life.

Available Configurations
1/2″ 6 Rear 1 Forward
1/2″ 6 Rear
1/2″ 4 Rear 1 Forward
1/2″ 3 Rear 1 Forward

nozzle-rpd-04The RPD Tow Nozzle is a 3 rear nozzle with a 5/16″ hole machined through the nose cone for use in towing CCTV cameras through pipeline. This design maintains overall length of nozzle a 3.1 inches. Nozzle is excellent for vertical pipe cleaning applications. Nozzle is designed for 1/2″ diameter hose with pressure up to 6,000 PSI and flows up to 25 GPM.


Video Gallery
RPD 3 Rear Nozzle 1 Forward

RPD Egghead Nozzle 6 Rear 4 Forward



Ball Jet Nozzles

nozzles-ball-jet-01US Jetting line of Ball Jet Nozzles are the most economical high pressure drain jets available. The round shape of the Ball Jet nozzle is designed specifically to be able to maneuver over joints and curves in pipes. They are a great option to use in damaged or broken pipes.

Ball Jet Nozzles are precision machined from high grade stainless steel. Nozzle orfices are drilled to precise diameters to guarantee accurate pressure and flow requirements for specific high pressure jetting units.

All Ball Jets Available In:

  • 3 Rear 1 Forward
  • 6 Rear

Available Configurations
1/2 inch
3/8 inch
1/4 inch (1/8 inch FTP)

Offering a huge array of Nozzles

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